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Mistral 6

Mistral 6 – ready for more?

Seldom are such great advances in paraglider development seen as in Swing’s current product range with its latest addition, the Mistral 6. The forefather of Swing’s new product line is actually the Stratus 7, which was for a long time ranked as the series glider with the highest glide ratio. Using the latest findings in development, Swing has worked consistently on transferring the leap in performance to gliders with lower certifications as well.
With the Astral 6, Swing was able to add a further note of exclamation, and many XC pilots chose this exceptional category 2 glider with an aspect ratio of 6.4. The Mistral 6 completes Swing’s product range and initial feedback confirms that Swing has fully met pilot expectations not only with its “big brother”, the Astral 6, but also with the Mistral 6.

It’s Swing through and through!

The Mistral 6 provides once again a new perspective and challenge without over-extending the pilot. It  presents an impressive and sporty silhouette, with an aspect ratio previously unattained in this class of 5.9. The perfect combination of aspect ratio, plan form, profile, trim and sail tension not only attracts attention because of its appearance, but is also the reason for the huge performance potential of the Mistral 6.
This glider is the first in the EN-B category to break through the magic mark of nine for glide ratio...and that’s not all because, for those who like to fly at speed from time to time, the Mistral 6 offers a very impressive speed increase of 13-14km/h.

Absolutely convincing - from the time you launch!

Even with a forwards launch in nil wind, it is striking how easily and reliably the glider rises above the pilot. The pilot notices immediately where the canopy “finds itself” and makes launch a breeze.
High Arc Technology (HAT) gives this intermediate glider very appealing and sporty handling with good-natured extreme flight behaviour, despite its high aspect ratio. The Mistral 6 was very deliberately designed as a high-end intermediate glider. Thin risers, a high aspect ratio and sporty handling should appeal to the performance-oriented or advanced pilots.

Performance well under control

Swing is aware that performance alone is not all that counts. As Günther Wörl, head of the company, likes to say, a paraglider is “a total work of art”. Only enjoyable and manageable performance can be maximised and be converted into good distances. Accurate thermalling with minimal steering correction distinguish the handling features of this sporty intermediate.
Minimal steering input is all that is needed for the Mistral 6 for tight and well-defined circles...without stress!! Balance has always been a feature of the popular Mistral range. The pilot has the time and peace of mind to concentrate on the ever-changing surroundings and conditions. Nothing will prevent relaxed and enjoyable cross-country flights.

Mistral 6 – ready for more?

How it differs from the Mistral 5

  • aspect ratio 0.5 higher (5.4 / 5.9)
  • HAT - High Arc Technology
  • Flex Sticks in the leading edge
  • Thinner risers
  • Four new colours
  • Seven colour combinations
  • More direct and sporty handling
  • Lighter canopy

Der neue Mistral 6 mit Streckung 5,9


 Standard colours
 Spezial colours without additional costs - has to be ordered

Special color design tool

Please note: Due to the high season period gliders with special design have a production time from 8 to 12 weeks


 Technical Data
MISTRAL 6   22 24 26 28 30
Take-off weight incl. equipment (kg)   60-80 65-90 80-105 90-115 105-130
No. of cells   52 52 52 52 52
Area flat (m²)   24,2 25,6 27 28,4 29,8
Area projected (m²)   20,7 21,9 23,1 24,3 25,5
Span flat   11,94 12,3 12,62 12,95 13,25
Span projected (m)   9,37 9,65 9,9 10,15 10,41
Aspect ratio   5,9 5,9 5,9 5,9 5,9
Aspect ratio projected   4,25 4,25 4,25 4,25 4,25
Glider weight (kg)   5,3 5,6 5,85 6,1 6,4
Min. sink rate approx(m/s)   1,05 1,05 1,05 1,05 1,05
Max. speed approx.(km/h)   >50 >50 >50 >50 >50
Trim speed approx.(km/h)   38 38 38 38 38
EN Homologation B B B B B


  B B B B B
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