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13 prototypes, new technology and extensive testing by two of Germany's best cross-country pilots – these are just a few of the stages undertaken by Swing in developing the Astral 7. The original idea was for this to be a further step in paraglider development, but it has turned out to be a major leap forwards.

Visually, the Astral 7 is still based on the glider it is replacing, the Astral 6. The high arc concept saw that glider rapidly become the state of the art in the EN-C category. Moving beyond the similarity in appearance, the Astral 7 features a number of fundamental innovations and enhancements, which set trend-setting new highlights in paraglider development at Swing.

Less is more

As a flawless 3-liner with optimised hybrid line system, the Astral 7 can offer reduced line drag and improved performance especially in accelerated flight. The saving in line materials is a full 18.5% - that's 60 metres for the size 24 compared to the glider it replaces. Glide performance could be improved by a good 0.5 points by the reduction in residual resistance in combination with the new profile and use of 3D-shaping to optimise tension. An ideal combination of canopy curvature and pilot position ensures greater canopy stability, higher projected aspect ratio and an optimum compromise between damping and handling.

The most important differences from the Astral 6

» 3 line levels › line reduction of 18.5% means less resistance
» New profile, optimised for glide when partially accelerated › very stable at its pressure point and very pitch stable, giving very high canopy stability across the entire speed range
» Less canopy curvature › better roll damping and more peaceful flying
» Interchangeable Plastic Wires (FT) › noticeable improvement in profile accuracy with less weight
» 3D-Shaping › leading edge is airflow-optimised
» Mini-Ribs › streamlined form at the trailing edge
» Optimised speed system › acceleration requires less effort and is more efficient.
There is one respect, however, in which there is no difference at all between the Astral 7 and its predecessor – the feeling of delight which experienced cross-country pilots will feel the first time they fly this glider. Didi Siglbauer turned even a maiden flight on the first prototype into an impressive FAI triangle of 205km, and he flew a further 235 km triangle soon afterwards.  So any pilot who would like to be completely satisfied with a paraglider would be well-advised to test-fly the Astral 7 straight away.

Astral 7…
our best Astral yet!

Astral 7 –our best Astral yet!

Swing Flugsportgeräte seit 1986


 Standard colours
Astral 7 Universe
Astral 7 Summer
Astral 7 Mamba
 Spezial colours without additional costs - has to be ordered
Astral 7 Desert
Astral 7 avocado

Special color design tool

Please note: Due to the high season period gliders with special design have a production time from 8 to 12 weeks


Technical Data
Swing ASTRAL 7 7.22 7.24 7.26 7.28
Take-off weight incl. equipment (kg) 70-87 80-102 90-110 100-125
No. of cells 57 57 57 57
Area flat (m²) 24 25,5 27 28,5
Area projected (m²) 20,34 21,62 22,89 24,16
Span flat 12,39 12,77 13,14 13,5
Span projected (m) 9,64 9,93 10,22 10,5
Aspect ratio 6,4 6,4 6,4 6,4
Aspect ratio projected 4,57 4,57 4,57 4,57
Glider weight (kg) 5,65 5,8 5,95 6,15
Min. sink rate approx(m/s)   1,05    
Trim speed approx.(km/h) 39 39 39 39
Max. speed approx.(km/h) 53 53 53 53
CEN Certification EN C EN C EN C EN C
LTF-certification LTF C LTF C LTF C LTF C
  certification testflights without folding line
Instructions / Downloads
Instruction manual ASTRAL 7
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