Paragliding is the recreational and competitive adventure sport of flying paragliders.


We have assembled some of our most popular motor and wing combo packages for Powered Paragliding.


Our pilots are well trained and very experienced in the paragliding. we give training for paragliding.

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Paragliding & Paramotoring in India is situated in the city of Lakes Bhopal we are professionally engaged in dealing of Para toys and Para gliders our Mission is to making Para toys and Para gliders popular among all over India. Apart from that paragliding is our new initiative by which we want people to be more aware about flying so that they may have fun of this adventure Sport.

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Wouldn't is be wonderful to see the nature's beauty from high up above from the third dimension. Is it ever possible to fly without knowing how to fly Yes, we will make it possible for you. Just go ahead. It is the most wonderful experience of your lifetime. The site of the mother earth from a Paraglider flight is something just out of the World. A Paraglider flight is one of the most wonderful gift you can give to your child too. There is a lots of learning in this single flight.
On average, a good three full days of training are required before you’ll be ready to take your first solo flight. This may sound like a very short period of time when compared to learning to fly a light aircraft – and it is. But there are no exams to pass with paramotoring, simply observe the guidelines and act safely at all times and you’ll be ready to go – just like all of the other students I’ve had the pleasure to teach.

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